When golf carts were introduced, the idea was that carts would save time between tee times, allowing more players on a course at one time. In actuality, walking the course generally takes the same, if not a shorter amount of time than riding a cart, since in a cart, players must ride to each person's ball separately. Not only are golf carts not always as time efficient as intended, but they also damage the golf course, leading to the need for more maintenance.

Walking has many more benefits than driving a cart. Not only do regular golfers who walk the course have a lowered risk of heart disease, but they also have time to think about their next shot. This time is great for partners to share tips, talk shop, or catch up on life. Many golfers also find walking the course a great opportunity to pay attention to their surroundings, observe where sprinklers lie, and enjoy nature.

Strain Solutions for Self-Carrying
At Innovative Golf Gear, we know that not all golfers have the luxury of playing with a caddie every time they hit the green. However, carrying golf clubs yourself can be a huge strain on your shoulders and back, draining your valuable energy for playing! For those of you who want to walk the course, but don't want your golf bag breaking your back, one solution we suggest is one of the convenient Sun Mountain push and pull carts!

Sun Mountain is just one premier brand we carry that makes push and pull carts. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart is a prime example of a collapsible push cart that golfers may push along the course effortlessly! These carts fold down to store easily in a trunk or at the country club. Sun Mountain also has a new product with a battery and motor, so that it propels itself. Users steer the cart without requiring pushing, which is great for hills and inclines.


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