It was Mary Queen of Scots who introduced caddies to the game of golf. Having returned from France to Scotland with several of her French court attendants, many known as cadets, Mary had these cadets carry her golf clubs while she played and eventually, cadet became caddie. In golf today, many golfers still use caddies, and believe that good caddies enhance their concentration.

However, not every golf player is able to hire a well-trained caddie whenever they play golf, and in fact, many golfers never use a caddie. When this is the case, the golfer must either carry his own clubs, use a golf bag on wheels, or use a motorized golf cart during a game. At, we have several different options available for any kind of personal carrying need.

Carrying without a Caddy
For frequent golfers, not having to bear weight while walking with your golf clubs is a tremendous issue, and is why many golfers use caddies. However, one way to do this without another person carrying your clubs is by having a motorized golf cart carry the clubs. You can operate many motorized golf carts by remote control so that you can walk comfortably without even coming in contact with your clubs!

For those who play fewer games of golf each season, a non-motorized golf cart with quality tires may be all you need. We have several models that feature a three wheel design meant to make carrying your clubs easy on you and your back! Instead of bearing any weight on your shoulders and back, all you do is push or pull the wheeled cart at an easy pace. Users are able to reap the benefits of walking the course, but still have great help carrying heavy clubs!


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