After the advent of the golf cart, fewer golfers walked the course, which to this day causes a stir amongst golf traditionalists. Golf traditionalists believe that walking is at the core of the game. When a player walks 18 holes, he or she is walking the equivalent to five miles, and golfers who always walked the courses are at a much lower risk of developing heart disease than those who drove golf carts.

For this reason, there has been a swing toward emphasizing the use of caddies and walking. Not everyone, however, is able to hire a caddie on a regular basis, which is why companies like Bag Boy and Sun Mountain designed push and pull carts. Push and pull carts alleviate the need for a caddy, making your clubs easier to carry on your own than ever before.

Push and Pull Carts for All
At Innovative Golf Gear, we have a wide selection of push and pull carts by top brands like Sun Mountain and Bag Boy. Push and pull carts alleviate the strain of lugging around your clubs with their compact yet light design. All you do is secure your golf bag onto the cart, and push the cart in front of you or pull it from behind you as you walk the course. Easy rolling tires make the pushing and pulling effortless!

Bag Boy, premium makers of push and pull golf carts, makes the EZ Fold 12, which can be folded down to fit easily in your trunk. At just 14 pounds, the Bag Boy push and pull cart can be folded down with just one hand and easily transferred from one place to the next. Bag Boy also makes other push and pull carts, like the Express-GT Three Wheel, which we also carry here at


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