Bag Boy's Navigator cart provides golfers with hands-free walk

The Bag Boy Company, a Division of Dynamic Brands, and a leading designer and manufacturer of push carts, travel covers and golf bags, has unveiled the The Navigator, the most advanced three-wheel electric walking cart ever developed. Featuring the worlds only electric On Board compass, which provides a GPS-like Fixed Point Navigation System, The Navigator is designed to provide the ultimate hands-free walking experience in golf.

Backed by an unprecedented warranty and service program, The Navigators on-board compass, which operates up to 200-yards via point and click remote control, allows the golfer to control the direction and speed of the cart over any type of terrain. The remote control can change the direction (forward, reverse, left or right) of The Navigator at any time, while enabling the golfer to increase and decrease the speed, and stop the cart instantly. Electronic-sensored braking further ensures that the cart will provide soft braking at all times.

Except for reading the greens, The Navigator is the closest thing to a real caddy that has ever been developed, said Craig Ramsbottom, President, The Bag Boy Company. Thanks to the fixed point navigation system, if the cart gets bumped off line by a divot, swale or hill, it will correct itself and get right back on target. This enables the golfer to easily transport his or her clubs throughout the course, without having to constantly navigate the cart back on track.

The Navigator is the only cart to feature twin motors that are calibrated throughout the speed range, offering unmatched maneuverability by ensuring that the rear two wheels work together and track straight at all times. This feature, combined with a rotating front wheel that swivels 360 for easy turning, enables the cart to maneuver even in tight areas. The cart also features a retractable 4th wheel stabilizer to prevent tipping on the steepest hills.

Made from high modulus, ultra-lightweight aluminum tubing, the Navigator offers a single piece fold down design that locks in place and provides easy handling and great vertical or horizontal storage in a car trunk, garage, etc. The cart also features easy rolling, maintenance free 12 tires in the rear, as well as an 8 front tire, and hi-tech, rustproof aluminum wheels with steel ball bearings. The Navigator is powered by a 33-AMP dry cell battery that is covered and mounted on a battery tray along with a battery level indicator. This is complimented by a fully automatic battery and charger system that comes in its own bag with a carry handle.

With a suggested retail price of $1,995, The Navigator is backed by a 1-year warranty for the electronics, wheels, battery and 6 AMP battery charger, as well as a 2-year warranty on all other components. In addition to the warranty, Bag Boy offers a Navigator Service Center, where skilled technicians are available to assist with any customer inquires. Those inquires that cannot be solved by telephone, will result in the Navigator being returned for servicing at no cost to the consumer.

This is the most sophisticated electric walking cart ever developed, so it is imperative that Bag Boy backs the product with a warranty and service program that is unmatched in golf. The Navigator, is now available at


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