Instructional golf DVDs and books are not only for amateur players. In fact, golfers of all levels may benefit from receiving new tips from new people. With golf, there is always more room for improvement, no matter how great you've played before. Golfers must have intense focus and inner balance in order to achieve the very delicate physical form required to play an exceptional game of golf.

Understanding this balance of mental focus and physical fortitude, the best golfers continue to educate themselves with regular practice, tip-sharing with other players, and self-education through books and DVDs. For this reason, we at Innovative Golf Gear offer popular and well-received instructional golf DVDs and books for our passionate customers.

Everything You Might Need on DVD
Whether you're looking for a gift or you simply want additional golf tips from the pros, we have the golf DVD or book for you. We carry individual instructional DVDs as well as box sets that feature advice from more than one golf pro. For instance, we carry Butch Harmon's Ultimate Golf 3 Pack, which illustrates various techniques offered by Tiger Woods' famous coach. AJ Golf's best-selling "The Truth About Golf" is another excellent choice. The off-beat advice and formatting of this serious have been a breath of fresh air for many golfers.

We also carry other bestsellers, such as the Golf for Dummies DVD by Gary McCord. This guide to golf makes a great gift for golfers of all skill levels! The best part is that you can purchase this DVD from our website when you stock up on other golf accessories without having to pay additional shipping. Our shipping fee is a flat rate of $6.95 with any size order within the continental USA.


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