At, our goal is to provide golf enthusiasts with the widest variety of specialty golf accessories and golf bags. We understand your passion for golf, so we do our best to find products that enhance your game and overall experience. From specialty golf bags to ionized bracelets, our selection of over 23,000 products are handpicked to meet your needs whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional.

Golf Bags for Your Specific Needs
Choosing between the endless brand names and types of golf bags on the market can seem like an overwhelming process. Before shopping for a new golf bag, consider the features you wish to have, and how you'll be using your clubs. Perhaps there were things about your last golf bag you would change. We at Innovative Golf Gear take great care in choosing a variety of bags that meet your specific carrying needs.

For instance, you may like a lightweight bag that is easy to lug around. Our high quality, fashionable bags at 3.5 lbs by Sun Mountain may be the perfect choice. Other golf bags, like our Bennington Quiet Organizer bag, are designed to flawlessly organize clubs, making the game run smoothly. You would never have to search endlessly for the right club when they are organized beautifully and efficiently in your bag!

Some golf bags are even hi-tech enough to protect your valuable golf clubs from theft. Our Burton Club-Lok Golf Club Theft Prevention System is a perfect example of a fully functional golf bag with a hidden security system. This bag costs little more than other typical golf bags, but adds immense value by protecting your clubs. Not only are all these bags reasonably priced, but you will also save on shipping charges with our flat rate of $6.95 no matter how large your order!

Bennington Golf Bags


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