Tehama is not merely a collection of clothing. Tehama is truly inspired by the lifestyle of an American icon.

One of the most talked about new golfwear companies is Tehama (pronounced te-HAY-ma), which showcases a collection of men's and women's golf apparel created by Clint Eastwood and Nancy Haley, founder and former President of Sport-Haley Inc., one of forerunners of the sophisticated golfwear look.

Tehama, which is also the name of a golf course Eastwood recently built in Carmel California, is a Native American word that means "abundance of nature." The golfwear is sold in country clubs and resorts, and in upscale department stores, including Macy's and Nordstrom. Tehama's elegant, drapey clothes are inspired by the classic styling of the 1940's, yet it's been updated to fit the new millenium mindset. The men's collection, called Tehama for Clint, and the women's collection, called Tehama by Nancy Haley, are available at finer golf shops and department stores.

"Clint didn't want it to be flashy," Haley says. "He doesn't want to be the Michael Jordan of the golf industry. So between my expertise and his name, we felt we could build something really strong and special." "When I design the men's line, I do it in Clint's image," says Haley, one of the most respected designers in the golf apparel industry. "He's classy and has a great sense of style on and off the big screen."

Haley, the CEO, runs the day-to-day affairs, including helping design the clothes. Meanwhile, Eastwood, takes care of the publicity. "You should see how everybody reacts at the trade shows," says Haley. Golfers are reacting too. In 1998, the company's second year in business, it brought in nearly $7.5 million in sales. In 1999 sales topped $11 million and continue to grow. "We're talking about the whole gamut," says Haley of the company's golfwear, "from shorts, shirts, jackets and pants to sweaters, sweater vests, hats and visors -- everything that could be in a sportswear line."

Corporate and Tournament Golf Apparel

Tehama, the high-end brand of contemporary sportswear started by Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood and fashion industry veteran Nancy Haley, recently announced the launch of its new corporate line for the promotional products industry. The new product line is available for viewing at www.ReadyGOLF.com.

For decades, the corporate apparel and custom embroidery industry has been driven by promotional products and embroidered corporate logo apparel at a variety of price point thresholds. Today, more and more companies look at the outbound corporate expenditures for there value as potential marketing impressions. These clients are increasingly wary of disappointing their own brand savvy customers with the so-called "label" products they hand out as gifts at their corporate sponsored events, customer outings or award dinners...even if they are all free. Instead, today's corporate customer seeks a brand of apparel that represents the same quality and values as there company -- not mere "products" at a unit price.

Since from the start, Tehama offered an in-stock program, with key basics for men and women available year-round, we found the brand ideal for corporate events and programs. In April 1998, Corporate Golf became the first (and, for a long time, the only!) company to market the line exclusively to corporate buyers.

The Tehama men's and women's collections are named for the founders: "Clint" for screen legend and golf aficionado Clint Eastwood, and "Nancy Haley" for the designer. (She had previously founded Sport-Haley). Golf fashions, dressier coordinates, and outerwear take you from the course, to the office, and on to social engagements in relaxed elegance.

The in-stock collection includes golf polos, woven shirts, sweaters, pullovers, vests, windshirts, jackets, and bottoms for men and women. High style meets high tech in the Hang 'Em Dry polo and short-sleeve mock neck. The fabric dries quickly and stays cool and comfortable in the hottest weather. Prefer 100% cotton? The solid pique polo - like the coordinating cable knit cotton sweaters (and women's cardigans!) - comes in plenty of color choices for men and women.

Men's and women's coordinating outerwear models include zip-neck windshirts (shown), packable zip-front jackets in lightweight microfiber, and a great two-tone jacket with zip-off sleeves in silky polynosic (washable rayon). For VIP gifts, zip-front vests and jackets in luxurious microsuede have the look and feel of fine sueded leather - with the convenience of washability! Shown: the Dina microsuede jacket for women has a wonderfully flattering cut; the Dirty Harry men's microsuede bomber jacket - modeled by Clint Eastwood.

The in-stock collection also includes long-sleeve woven shirts and campshirts. And Tehama - unlike many brands - also offers in-stock models exclusively for women, including cotton-spandex knit tops, a classic cotton cardigan sweater, and a quilted detachable-sleeve jacket.


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