According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there is an increasing number of women participating on NCAA teams, which includes golf teams across the country. Although overall numbers of women participating is lower than the numbers of men participating, proportionately, women are catching up in terms of the average number of players per team.

Although a female presence in golf is increasing, many still think of golf as a mostly male sport, especially in the professional scope. Still, women's tournaments do quite well and attract many viewers. Women's golf is ever-evolving to maximize the game for female players, and this includes equipment specially designed for women.

Better Golf Products for Women
As more women begin playing golf, an increasing demand for high quality women's golf accessories develops. At Innovative Golf Gear, we do our best to find the top women's golf products and make them available to you in one online store. You won't have to go looking in multiple shops to find out nobody has your size in stock, or the style you want.

It's important to have proper equipment and gear that fits you correctly for the game of golf. Improper shoes and clubs can lead to injury, which can ruin a whole golf season! Accessories like women's golf gloves are designed to fit a woman's smaller, thinner hand, for a better grip on golf clubs. Not only are our items like women's golf gloves functional and useful, but many are also quite stylish and fashionable. Evertan gloves are known to be light and high-performing, and Glove It offers some of the most unique styles on the market!


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