Even though it is considered by many to be a male-driven sport, women have had a strong presence in how golf developed over the centuries, from introducing new rules to inventing the golf bag! To ensure fairness in the mid 1800s, women suggested rules to account for unexpected obstacles in golf, as well as developing the system of handicapping. These concepts are still used today in modern golf. In the 1870s, a women's golf group invented the very necessary golf bag. Before this invention, caddies and players would simply juggle up to six clubs!

Catering to Women's Golfing Needs
Nowadays, more and more women play the game of golf, and they play it well. However, golf is still often a male-dominated sport, which makes it more difficult for women to find as large a variety of women's golf accessories as men's. At Innovative Golf Gear, we take pride in offering a wide assortment of women's golf accessories so that you don't miss out on the most important golf gear!

From women's golf clubs to women's golf shoes, we have everything you need in one location. In one visit to our online store, you can stock up on golf balls, headcovers, a new golf bag, books providing golfing tips specifically for women, and excellent women's golf shoes, such as those from Sandbaggers. Sandbaggers sandals are designed to function on the course, but look good in the clubhouse, too. These unique golf sandals are not just stylish--they offer great breathability in warm weather.

In terms of functional gear, we have clubs from Nancy Lopez and gloves designed for women as well. We also carry the popular Life Is Good(R) line in women's sizes--men shouldn't have all the fun, after all. Who wouldn't want to sport Jake, the lovable stick figure, while breezing through 18 holes? For those looking for attractive gloves, we have a ton of options. From pearly pink to animal prints, our gloves are the most eye-catching accessories on the market, and are sized properly for women's hands--some even allow your engagement ring to poke though. Tan-through gloves by Evertan are another popular option. No matter what accessories you need, ReadyGolf.com has them!


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