Within golf there are many accessories designed specifically to enhance one's game. Just as athletes in other sports use special equipment and accessories, golfers do the same. You can find golf shoes, gloves, headcovers, ionized bracelets, sunglasses, and even ionized sunglasses here at Innovative Golf Gear for all your golfing needs. We work hard to find the best golf products available!

Sun Protection for Golfers
When spending any significant amount of time outside, you should always protect your body from the adverse affects of the sun. As we all know, the sun can be quite damaging to the skin. However, our eyes are also very vulnerable to sun exposure! Sunglasses made to block out UV rays are highly recommended to reduce the risk of eye damage.

Golfers spend a great amount of time under the beating sun. You'll often see golfers wearing hats or visors, and they hopefully are wearing sunscreen too! It's not uncommon to see golfers wearing sunglasses, but here's where it gets a little tricky for golfers. Many sunglasses are tinted in a way so that golfers may have a hard time seeing breaks in the green. For this reason, brands like Bolle, which we carry at ReadyGOLF.com, have sunglasses specifically designed with tinting that allows excellent visibility on the course, while also protecting from UV rays. Bolle Sunglasses are some of the best on the market, as the company is famous for their durable, sport-specific styles.

Another brand we carry called Q-Ray makes sunglasses featuring ionized frames as well as tinted smoke lenses for the best color. Wearing ionized metals is known to help the body balance its electro-magnetic energy, which in turn reduces pains and loosens up the muscles and joints. More importantly to many, these sunglasses are lightweight and conform to the shape of the head for a perfect ergonomic fit.


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