Both professional and non-professional golfers utilize a range of of golf accessories as a way to enhance their games. Certain accessories are designed to protect equipment, while others assist the body during the game. At, our goal is to provide you with the best selection of golf accessories, whether they are for function only or are expressive and fun as well.

Stylish Gloves for Golfers
Almost all seasoned golfers wear gloves and pro golfers generally recommend them. True, there are some pro players, like Fred Couples for example, who do not wear golf gloves. Still, almost all professional players do, and even those just starting out will benefit from golf gloves. By wearing a golf glove right from the start, novice players can quickly become accustomed to the accessory.

The reason for golfers to wear golf gloves is simply because the human skin is not as tacky as golf gloves are. Add sweaty palms to the mix and the hand has a terrible grip on the golf club! Certainly, you may constantly dry your hand and golf grip with a towel before each swing, but most golfers will tell you that a golf glove on your lead hand (the top hand) will provide the strongest grip.

At, we have a wide selection of golf gloves in various styles and materials. Brands like Glove It, Evertan, and Lady Classic are just a few we carry. If you're worried about developing a "golfer's tan" from constantly wearing a glove on the course, the tan-through Evertan gloves are perfect. The Lady Classic line provides gloves with cut-out tips so that long fingernails will not prevent a perfect fit. Lady Classic also makes gloves with an opening which allows the wearer to still flash her diamond ring. Best of all, there are many cute styles on the market; there's no reason not to be stylish on the course. We sell gloves in everything from leopard print to hibiscus flowers!


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