Golf balls are accessories golfers cannot do without! However, there are many brands to choose from, and we at Innovative Golf Gear carry some of the most popular ones. Golf balls make excellent additions to gift baskets or as small inexpensive individual gifts. Since golf balls are easy to lose, many people purchase them by the dozen. With our $5.95 flat shipping, you're getting one of the best deals on the Internet, no matter how many you order.

Our Golf Ball Selection
At Innovative Golf Gear, we have both professional and novelty golf balls for on and off-course usage. Tour golf balls, such as the Bridgestone Tour B330 Golf Ball are designed to meet the desirable weight and feel that professional golfers enjoy. The balls have an ionomer inner cover for acceleration and what is called a Speed Elasticity Core for less spin and bigger initial velocity. 330 dimples allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Bogey Pro is another brand of golf balls we carry at Innovative Golf Gear. The company uses humorous reverse-marketing for their golf balls, claiming that they are "designed for players who demand amateur-level performance and on the course frustration." Each different ball design describes the opposite of what golfers want out of a ball: No Control, Zero Distance, and Poor Spin. These are excellent gag gifts and tournament runner-up prizes. Golfers who know the brand know these are high quality, playable golf balls.

Other balls we carry include Volvik Crystal, which are soft-feel golf balls with outstanding distance. Like Volvik balls, Nancy Lopez also makes especially soft-feel balls for greater distance. These balls are marketed specifically toward women golfers. On the lighter side, we also carry balls with familiar logos, such as a set of golf balls featuring the Playboy bunny logo. All of these items make great gifts, and with our low shipping rate you can stock up on your own supply.


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