A blister is a painful and unsightly skin injury caused by excessive friction, usually via continuous rubbing or pressure in the same spot. The friction results in minor damage just beneath the skin, which causes fluid to build up under the outermost layer, making the skin very tender and painful to the touch. Many athletes endure blisters all the time, often from shoes or equipment rubbing against their feet and hands, although blisters may occur anywhere on the body.

In golf, when a player is training, he or she often drives bucketfuls of balls in a driving range, which requires quite a bit of repetitive movement. Since a golfer's hands grasp onto golf clubs tightly, blisters are likely to develop on the palms of the hands, causing pain for several days before they heal. If the golfer wishes to play more golf, he or she must endure the extra pain as his or her club rubs against the newly formed blister.

Easy Blister Solutions
Many golfers use tape around their fingers to prevent blisters from forming in the same spots. By preventing blisters in these usual places, the golfer also prevents calluses from forming, which are thick, hardened patches of skin. However, tape around the fingers can feel restrictive since tape is not very flexible. Not only that, but tape also ends up breaking, creasing, and becoming uncomfortable.

At ReadyGOLF, we noticed this problem with tape as blister-preventatives, which is why we developed and manufactured BlisterGuards! Our BlisterGuards are more comfortable than tape and are even designed to absorb shock as you play. Available in four sizes, our BlisterGuards are also reusable, so you can easily slip them on before a practice session. With BlisterGuards, you won't be burdened with painful blisters when you want to play a good game of golf!

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