Slap Shot Hockey Stick Putter by ReadyGOLF

Happy Gilmore Style Hockey Stick Putter by ReadyGOLF for Fun on the Greens

It’s no surprise that ReadyGOLF has the ultimate piece of functional movie memorabilia: The Happy Gilmore Style Hockey Stick Putter . ReadyGOLF is known for their fun collectibles and loud golf apparel that appeal to the lighter side of golf. This reiteration of the infamous putter is a throwback to the hilarious golf movies of our youth and is still instantly recognized for its unique, one-of-a-kind design.

The Slap Shot Putter is more than just a piece of memorabilia to hang on your walls. This putter can be used on the green to help you sink long putts and help your golf ball find its “home.” The putter itself features a CNC aluminum alloy blade with a matte bronze finish that looks identical to the ones used in the movie. With a modern day hickory putter shaft and traditional wrap style putter grip, you are sure to get the right grip.

ReadyGOLF’s Hockey Stick Putter serves double duty as an iconic piece of memorabilia and as a viable option for hockey players turned golfers, or just golfers who want to have fun on the greens.

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