Joint Headcover

ReadyGOLF's Joint Headcover that Gets Points for Its "High" Quality Design and Performance

It's high time you start taking the protection of your clubs seriously. Well, not too seriously. The Joint Headcover by ReadyGOLF may not look like your average driver headcover, but it more than makes up for it with reliable performance. In fact, its premium features far outperforms the competition with Sherpa lining that provides extra protection, plush fabrics for a premium feel, as well as embroidered designs that will make it a must-have for any smoker, joker, or midnight toker. ReadyGOLF's playful take on the iconic marijuana joint comes complete with bloodshot eyes and a goofy smile giving the appearance of a high-as-a-kite headcover who just partook in a toke session behind the clubhouse. This headcover is the perfect ice-breaker to lighten the mood around the back nines, and may produce some pearl-clutching moments from the stuffy members of the club. No matter, because nothing can harsh the buzz of this glorious headcover, promoting 4:20 at all hours of the day. This headcover is perfect for drivers up to 460cc and can be the defining accessory in your golf bag.

Partake in premium protection for your drivers with the Joint Headcover found only at ReadyGOLF