In your lifetime, you will come across many occasions when you will have to search for a gift, whether it is for a friend, your parent, partner or even your favorite golf buddy. While it may be relatively easier to get meaningful gifts for them, with the market being full to the brim with such gifts, it is not really fun. The fun lies in giving something that is unique or even personal for that individual. And nothing says unique more than a couple of hilarious gag gifts. No matter how serious or straight-faced the person is, he or she will definitely love to receive such a gift. It will not just spark joy at that very moment but also become a memory that will be the source of laughter for many years down the line.

If you are looking funny gifts for your golf buddies, we have you covered. These are some of our most popular products that will force even the most serious person to burst out laughing:

1. Bikini Lady Golf Tees

Who would have thought that something as basic as golf tees could be funny? Our Bikini Lady Golf Tees, shaped like girls in bikinis, will make the perfect gift for bachelor parties, birthdays and even Christmas. The best part? They also double up as effective repair tools.

2. #2 Poop Putter by Intech Golf

This product is sure to get everyone cracked up. Give this to your golf mate who you think needs some motivation to improve their putting skills. The putter, shaped like the poop emoji, is not just a funny gag gift. It is also designed to make the putting experience as smooth as possible.

3. Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover by ReadyGOLF

Caddyshack is a cult movie, especially for golf lovers. Remember Bill Murray as Carl Spackler narrating his encounter with the Dalai Lama? “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” The Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover is a product that is inspired by that iconic scene. It is something that a fan of that movie will definitely appreciate.

4. Drink Caddy Driver - Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Do you know those moments when you are in the field and you suddenly have the urge to sip on some red? This product is made just for those moments. It is a drink dispenser that is perfect for your favorite wine or beer or even some hot coffee for the colder days. Give this to your golf buddy and it will surely bring a smile on their face.

Everyone may have a different sense of humor, but luckily, we have an assortment of funny golf gifts that can make anyone laugh. Check out our website for more. Happy shopping!